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A 10-minute video to help you understand all aspects of a Japanese pension institution

A 10-minute video to help you understand all aspects of a Japanese pension institution

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  • Time of issue:2020-01-02
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(Summary description)As a benchmark for the elderly care service industry in Asia,the design,operation and service of Japanese elderly care institutions are often mentioned in Amu's articles.

A 10-minute video to help you understand all aspects of a Japanese pension institution

(Summary description)As a benchmark for the elderly care service industry in Asia,the design,operation and service of Japanese elderly care institutions are often mentioned in Amu's articles.

  • Categories:Company News
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  • Time of issue:2020-01-02
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  As a benchmark for the elderly care service industry in Asia,the design,operation and service of Japanese elderly care institutions are often mentioned in Amu's articles.
  Recently,Mu saw a video detailing Japanese nursing care institutions on the video site Youtube.The video is a rare and complete record of the activities of the elderly in various functional areas and various time periods of Azalee,a Japanese institution.A Mu felt that this could help everyone understand many details of the"Japanese-style organization"more intuitively,so he produced Chinese subtitles and sent them out to share with you.
  Every morning,the agency staff will hold a morning meeting to discuss the day's work together and encourage each other to cheer.
  What are the old people living in the institution doing in the morning?
  In a public activity area,we saw old people doing exercises that suit them.
  Here,even the elderly who are physically inconvenient and can only sit in a wheelchair will do"finger exercises"with everyone.
  The concept of"use advancement,abandonment retreat"is deeply rooted in the minds of institutional staff and the elderly.Active exercise has become the best way to prolong life and maintain health.
  About half an hour later,the old people began to move around freely.
  At the"mobile dispensing point"in the corridor,the staff distributes medicine to each elderly person.
  In a corner of the public area,several elderly people are lining up for physical therapy to relieve body pain.
  Walking into the room,the doctor is measuring the blood pressure and heart rate of an old man with poor health.
  This grandma has facial neuralgia and needs injections to relieve her.The doctor beside her kept cheering and encouraging,"You are great,you will be fine in one click."Grandma frowned and finished the injection.
  We can also see the personalized layout in the grandma's room,and the walls are covered with various patterns and dolls.There are also many small toys on the tables and chairs.These gadgets make the whole room feel full of life,more like home.
  Passing by the rest area,I ran into two elderly people-Mrs.Yamanaka and Mrs.Taki.They are classmates who stayed with them in a nursing home together.They are 95 years old.
  The staff lightly patted Mrs.Yamanaka on the shoulder,told her that this was the photographer,and joked that these people came to take photos of their matchmaking.(The matchmaking photos mentioned here refer to the"love playing activities"held for the elderly in nursing homes)
  Mrs.Yamanaka kindly took the group of people into her room for a tour.
  Once you enter the door,it is a simple toilet.The design of the access space is enough for the elderly in wheelchairs to go to the toilet smoothly.In addition,handrails are installed on the wall next to the toilet,and the door is a sliding door,which is also for convenience.Used by the elderly in wheelchairs.
  Fukuhara also demonstrated electric nursing beds to visitors.
  A calling device is installed on one side of the bed.When the elderly needs help,press the button,the nursing station will receive the information,and the nursing staff on duty will ask or check whether the elderly encounters any problems.
  It is said that Azalee also cooperates with nearby hospitals,and there are regular dentists and general practitioners to check up the elderly.
  In addition to comprehensive medical care services,Azalee also set up a hairdressing room.The barber cut and asked the old man where he needed another trimming.Respect the elderly's own aesthetics and make haircuts a pleasure.
  I need to brush my teeth after breakfast.And brushing the teeth of the elderly who wear dentures has become an indispensable job for the staff.
  After brushing,he should assist the elderly to put on the dentures,and patiently ask if they are comfortable to wear,until after several confirmations,I don’t feel relieved.
  Azalee not only provides nursing services for the elderly,but also has a nursery.
  There are two advantages of setting up childcare.One is to facilitate communication between children and the elderly;the other is that children of Azalee employees have priority,which reduces the trouble of taking care of family and work.
  In addition to long-term residence,Azalee also provides day care services.Every morning,Azalee will arrange a special welfare car to take the elderly to the institution.
  Day Care Center person in charge Ye Qi introduced the service content of day care:The first step is to check the temperature and blood pressure of the elderly and make records.
  will also arrange for the elderly to take a bath or do rehabilitation exercises here.
  The time in the morning is activities and small talk.Meals are served on time at 12 noon-before this,there are special swallowing training to prevent the elderly from choking and choking.
  At 1:30 in the afternoon,the elderly have more than one hour of free time to do hand-knitting or watch entertainment programs.
  After drinking afternoon tea to replenish their strength,arrange for the elderly to go home.This is the life of the"daycare elderly"in Azalee for a day.
  The 101-year-old told Ye Qi that she could only stay in bed all day long when she was at home alone.But since coming here,she has become busy and healthy,and her mental state is much better than before.She also said,"I have gained a lot of positive power from the elderly here,and these have changed me."
  Next,is the"favorite place"of the crew-the bath room.
  There are one ordinary bathtub and two auxiliary bathtubs in the bath room,corresponding to the elderly with different physical conditions.
  The staff demonstrated two types of bath tubs.
  Before the elderly enter the bathtub,the wall of the bath tub can be lowered to facilitate the elderly to sit in the bathtub.After the elderly enter the bathtub,the wall of the bathtub rises again and the seat drops below the water surface to ensure that the elderly can soak in the hot water.
  If you are an elderly person with more mobility,you need this bathtub that can be used with a wheelchair.The caregiver fixes the elderly on the supporting wheelchair first,then pushes the bathtub into the bathtub,and then starts automatic water injection and massage.
  Of course,there are also ordinary bathtubs that meet the needs of healthy elderly people.A number of bathtub grab bars are intimately installed to ensure the safety of the elderly in the bath.
  In the institution’s kitchen,there are noon meals for the elderly.
  The person in charge of the agency said:"Elderly people's diet and nutrition are very important,so the staff will not emphasize the amount of meals for the elderly in the matching diet,but the way of eating and whether the intake of nutrients is sufficient."To this end,they will ask a dietitian to check the diet.
  The chewing and swallowing functions of the elderly are also one of the main points that affect the elderly’s meals,so they will crush or soften some of the elderly’s meals.
  Semi-liquid diet for the elderly who have difficulty chewing and swallowing
  Azalee not only accommodates healthy elderly people,but also sets up medical units for disabled or bedridden elderly people,and provides them with targeted rehabilitation training.
  The medical files of each elderly person will be kept in detail.
  In addition,Azalee has also set up a‘Nostalgic Space’.The layout of the overall house reshapes the decoration style of traditional Japanese homes,allowing the elderly with dementia to recall past events and improve their symptoms.
  Special mention is that not only young people work here,but also relatively young old people.In many places in Japan,elderly people who want to continue working after retirement can find suitable jobs through special recruitment centers.
  Different from the personal rooms mentioned above,the medical units are all multi-person rooms,and the beds are separated by curtains or semi-transparent screens.
  Then,how can I stay in such an institution?
  First,you need to apply for a living ability rating,and then report to the government for approval.After the approval,the institution appoints a caregiver to work out a plan with the elderly.According to the physical condition of the elderly,they can choose to go to different institutions to receive rehabilitation training and professional care.
  The end of the film specifically mentions the innovation brought by robots to Japanese pensions.
  Japan has a large aging population and insufficient supply of young labor.For this reason,they have developed a series of robots,hoping to share the pressure of nursing manpower.
  This escort robot called Pepper can recognize language and have conversations with the elderly.
  It is like the most patient and interesting chat partner,even if the elderly with dementia asks it the same question repeatedly,it will answer it seriously again and again.In response to the needs of the elderly,they can sing and dance to make them happy.

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