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Japanese Nursing Technical Internship - Specific Business

The direction of international employment (Japanese business) mainly includes two aspects: nursing technical training and free study abroad.

Free study in Japan - specific business

1) Age: 18-25 years old, male or female, healthy, no criminal record 2) Education: 12 years of full-time education in China or above 3) Japanese: The minimum level of N3 before the date of arrival

Recruitment brochure for overseas accountants and cashiers

According to the needs of business development, Linyi International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. is now recruiting domestic accountants and cashiers for the society. After recruitment, they will be arranged to Shandong Yuanmai Packaging Africa Senegal Branch. The specific recruitment matters are as follows: 1. Recruitment quantity Staff member for internal accounting and cashier positions. 2. Recruitment conditions 1. Good health and no infectious diseases 2. Between 18-45 years old (if the conditions are good, the age requirements can be appropriately relaxed), male or female 3. Technical secondary school or above, major in finance, more than 1 year working experience 3. Treatment 10,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan for internal accounting, 8,000 yuan to 13,000 yuan for cashiers; 20 days of annual leave, meals and lodging, round-trip air tickets, and single room accommodation. 4. Documents required for registration: Documents required when registering: graduation certificate, original and photocopy of ID card; 1 4-inch color photo with white background. 5. Registration address and telephone number: Room 1803, 18th Floor, Civil Defense Office Building, No. 13, Beijing Road, Beicheng New District, Linyi, Tel: 0539-8117087
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