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Domestic Labor

Domestic Labor

  The company is an earlier professional organization engaged in human resources services in Linyi City.In 2013,it obtained the"Labor Dispatch Operation Permit".As a professional and standardized human resources service provider,the company provides companies with human resources and other consulting services,including human resources process outsourcing,talent dispatch,basic personnel and administrative affairs outsourcing,salary and welfare management,foreigner services and studying abroad,etc.,through professional and Efficient operation helps customers achieve operational improvement and efficiency enhancement.
  (1)Human resources outsourcing
  As a professional human resource service organization,the company improves work efficiency through highly standardized,process-oriented,and professional operations to achieve economic marginal benefits of scale,saves customers'labor and management costs,and helps customers improve the effectiveness of operation and management..Enterprises can outsource the management of employee social security,provident funds and other employee benefits through personnel entrustment and personnel agency,so as to solve all kinds of troubles caused by social insurance,provident funds,and procedures,effectively improve organizational operation efficiency,reduce operating costs,and enhance Comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.
  The service items include:handling employee employment registration;labor contract signing and filing;employee file transfer and custody;social security and provident fund account establishment and payment;social security card(medical insurance card)handling;social security information inquiry and change;guarantee statement,Issuance of provident fund payment certificate;verification and withholding of social security premiums and provident funds;social security benefits and provident fund collection services;consultation on social security and provident fund policies.
  (2)Personnel dispatch
  As a professional talent dispatch agency,the company signs labor contracts with employees dispatched to customers in accordance with the requirements of relevant national policies and laws,and provides relevant human resources management services such as personnel,social security,housing provident funds and wages,which can meet Customers need for staffing,labor risks,and cost control,and through professional service processes,help customers focus on their main business and improve management efficiency and management level.
  Service items include:handling employee employment registration;consulting services for the signing,modification,cancellation or termination of labor contracts;employee labor relationship management services,personnel files,household entry,issuance of various certificates,etc.;social security and provident fund management services;salary and welfare management Services;labor dispute handling and mediation;consulting services for policies and regulations;entry and exit management and recruitment filing services;other value-added services.
  When a company chooses to outsource basic administrative personnel affairs,one can focus on key human resources tasks such as performance management,human planning,human development,and the other can reduce expenses,concentrate resources to develop core competitiveness,and improve organizational operational efficiency.And get more external help such as legal risk control and commercial insurance services.
  The company has an experienced human resources service team with high-quality service awareness,which can quickly and efficiently complete the government-oriented work process for customers,and effectively reduce the high-frequency and multi-link operability for customers from entry to resignation.Affairs to help customers focus on the development of core competencies.
  Service items include:personnel file management;agency recruitment and employment registration;provision of entry and resignation management services;provision of employee information data management services;agency for household registration and acceptance procedures for fresh graduates;agency for annual review of the Disabled Persons’Federation;agency for annual labor review;labor inspection Service;Party organization relationship management service;Agency title declaration and recognition.
  (3)Salary and benefits
  The company provides customers with high-quality salary design services,and can also undertake a large amount of transactional work in customer salary management.With professional personnel and efficient information systems,it provides customers with high-quality salary and benefits design and outsourcing management services.,Use the technology of the Internet platform to implement employee welfare care plans to help customers reduce costs,share risks,save time,and improve employee satisfaction.
  Service items include:corporate salary design;personal tax planning;salary payment and personal tax payment;payroll preparation and distribution;social security and provident fund payment;treatment application and policy consulting services;holidays,birthdays and celebrations and other benefits Agency;flexible welfare and employee welfare care services;commercial insurance and supplementary medical services;employee physical examination and health consultation,etc.
  (4)Recruitment headhunting
  The company is based on more than 30 years of senior background and successful experience in the field of human resources services,with strong professional strength,huge customer resources and excellent brand influence,focusing on the increasingly competitive talent market demand,and providing customers with different recruitment needs Professional and diversified global talent recruitment comprehensive solution.
  Service items include:headhunting service,overseas high-end talent introduction,batch recruitment service,campus recruitment outsourcing,job fair service,talent assessment and background investigation service
  (5)Staff training
  The company can create a professional training system and unified training courses for customers,and can also customize,organize and implement targeted and practical corporate training for customers,provide enterprises with overall training solutions,and achieve strategic goal decomposition for enterprises And corporate culture dissemination.
  Service items include:advisory services to create a personalized training system;various vocational skills training,special training on the latest laws and regulations,etc.

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